Remembering the great-grandfather. “For two, I live on earth…”

Nikolai Semenovich Baiteryakov – people’s poet of Udmurtia, journalist and my great-grandfather. And even though I can’t know him personally, it doesn’t stop me from being proud of him.

His family had three children: he, brother Nikita and younger sister Lisa. She died very small, and then her mother died. He was always very thin and painful, because he did not eat. He lived in the Udmurt village of Varzi-Yatchi, began to write poetry at school. He learned Russian thanks to an exile with whom they read the Biblie.

Taking pictures of the whole family in a deaf Udmurt village in those years was a great success. In the photo, my great-grandfather to the right of his mother.

He entered the Mozhginsky pedagogical college, there was the first publication of his poem “March 8.” But I could not finish my studies, because I was very ill health. And then the war broke out. Father died in Belgorod, and then Nikolai himself got to the front. He was a tanker and even a standard bearer, burned in a tank, partisan in the Bryansk forests. My mother, his granddaughter, recalls from his stories how a heel of a boot cut off him with a bullet. His great-grandfather devoted many poems and stories to the war.

After the war, the great-grandfather was not released home, but sent to study at the higher party school in Yaroslavl, and then studied in Izhevsk.

At that time, my great-grandmother, Marusya, arrived in Varzi Yatchi, she worked as a veterinarian and her great-grandfather wanted to marry her. But he was in Izhevsk, and when a letter came that another was getting married to her, then Nikolai Semenovich drove from Izhevsk to Agryz in a freight truck, and then walked another 64 kilometers.

My great-grandfather and my great-grandmother Marusya, after whom I am named, and my grandmother Lisa.

In addition to writing, he had golden hands. He himself made a wedding ring from a silver heel, painted well, carved it in wood, made furniture and toys and photographed it.
Great-grandfather studied at higher literary courses in Moscow with such famous people as Viktor Astafiev. On party affairs, he often moved, his daughter, Elizabeth, changed school 4 times.
My mother recalls: “He was given a three-room apartment, one of the rooms was an office. Above the grandfather’s table hung a portrait of Esenin, great-grandfather and called “Udmurt Esenin”

My family and I lived in the Mozhginsky district, but often came to the city. Grandparents usually met us at the doorstep, but sometimes the room door was closed and we were told “Hush, grandfather works.” And he worked a lot. There was a typewriter on the table, and the greatest happiness was to press the buttons and see how it prints. It so happened that I grew up among writing, creative people. My first poems and notes were published from his hand, thanks to my grandfather I became a journalist. “

The granddaughter of Nikolai Baiteryakov, Olga Kochurova (in the center), my mother, became a journalist. In the photo, we are together with the whole family.

Great-grandfather led a weather diary, collected old books and funny names of people with whom he was able to get acquainted personally, and I was even able to look at his collection of old coins.
His poems were included in 11 collections, he wrote 4 books with prose works. In the last years of his life, he began to write to children. Through his stories and tales, his great-grandfather taught children to love nature and life. He died on April 1, 1997 in Mozhga.

Marusya Kochurova

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