The fabulous club of Aunt Pulcheria began online work

The idea to create a fairy tale club for children of different ages came to a resident of Russia Svetlana Kuzmina. She’s the schoolgirl’s mom. Svetlana’s daughter Eugene is engaged in journalism, dreams of becoming a director.

The first classes with the guys took place long before the pandemic, back in September, in the real children’s club. On them, the guys listened to fairy tales, pondered, painted characters, and also drank fragrant tea with cakes from the aunt’s magic basket.

The creators of the club chose warm names for their characters: mother – Aunt Pulcheria, and daughter – Fenechka. According to legend, they live in a fabulous forest where everyone is friends. The family fairy tale project was very liked by adults and children and caused a lot of good reviews.

Today Aunt Pulcheria reads tales of different peoples for children from different countries. “Fairy tales are always peace in the house. Where they are read and listened to, there is peace, good, and comfort. And what can be better in our difficult time? “- Svetlana believes.

The tales of Aunt Pulcheria can be listened to on our social networks, for example, in a group on Facebook.

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