Japanese photographer Hayato Matsumoto held a creative meeting for Eurasia’s Children

Hayato Matsumoto is a media provider for the Eurasia Children project. At the meeting, he spoke about himself, his family and his favorite business – photographs.

Hayato was born in Kazakhstan, studied in Sverdlovsk. At the end of the last century, he and his family moved to live in Japan. For many years he has been living and working in the Land of the Rising Sun. Together with Dad, Hayato Dayana’s daughter was also at the meeting.

With his photographs, Hayato Matsumoto talks about people, about their stories. In one of his projects, the photo film “Doves of Hope – Defenders of Israel,” Hayato spoke about girls who serve in the Israeli army. Young defenders, yesterday’s schoolgirls who are ready at any time to protect their homeland.

About how the shooting took place, whether the photographer needs a goal, and the world needs a photograph, the photographer shared all this with the “Children of Eurasia.” How does the Temple in Jerusalem live at night? How to capture the silence and greatness of nature in photographs? Children learned about this and much more from the conversation.

Zhenya Kuzmina

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