Actor Viktor Nizova met with participants in the project “Children of Eurasia”

Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Nizovoy met with guys from different regions. The next creative meeting was devoted to the dream.

The actor made friends with our guys in September last year at the Sunflower festival. Then everyone’s acquaintance Tolik from the series “The Return of Mukhtar” talked about his acting, how he met with the State Academic Small Theater and why he chose the acting profession.

The theme of our next meeting: “Dreaming is not harmful! It is useful to dream!” The actor told us about what a dream means to him: “For me, a dream means not to be discouraged, to be optimistic. Feel a holiday in the soul! ” To the question “How to achieve your dream, success?” he replied: “Be devoted to your work! And then through sweat, tears, rupture of the aorta you can succeed! You know, as Chaliapin said, “success consists of five percent talent and 95 percent plowing.”

We talked about the stage, about the theater: “The stage will never betray. If you treat her like a shrine, she will never leave you without a piece of bread. And this understanding has grown in me throughout my years in the theater! “

Dreaming is not harmful. It’s bad not to dream! Dream, our dear friends!

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