“Soyuzmultfilm” will carry out charging for children in a series of videos

“Soyuzmultfilm” with the support of the Ministry of Health of Russia prepared videos with physical exercises for children, the technique of performance of which will be shown by heroes of the golden collection – Zabava from the cartoon “Flying Ship” and characters of “Bremen musicians.” This was reported by the press service of the studio.

“Film studio” Soyuzmultfilm “and children ‘s center” Soyuzmultklub “prepared incendiary online charges for children of pre-school and primary school age with heroes of favorite cartoons. The charges were examined by the NMIC Health of Children of the Ministry of Health of Russia. They last three minutes, only eight charges with different movements, the press service reported.

According to the film studio, the videos will be published on the official pages of Soyuzmultfilm, the Ministry of Health of Russia and NMIC Children ‘s Health and social networks in the coming days. A complex of exercises for energetic music from the animated series “Orange Cow” children will be shown heroes of the golden collection.

The correct charging of children will be taught by Zabav from the cartoon “Flying Ship,” Princess, Donkey and Dog from “Bremen Musicians,” Alice Seleznev from “Mystery of the Third Planet,” Staruch Shapoklyak from the cartoon about Cheburashka and characters from the new series “Orange Cow” and “Prostokvashino.”


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