Svetlana Smirnova: “Georgy Grechko was a man of cosmic kindness”

April 8 was the day of memory of the pilot-astronaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Grechko. In the hearts of many people he will remain as the courageous, brave, open, kind, friendly person. It was dear to many people living on our planet.

A man who went into outer space, as no one else knew and understood how important it was to appreciate the world, home and people. In 2011, in the year of space, at the International Festival of Children and Youth Media “Sunflower,” he met with children from different countries. Svetlana Konstantinovna Smirnova, First Deputy Secretary-General – Head of the General Secretariat of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia recalls this meeting.

“I remembered this meeting for life. We visited the open-air ethnographic museum Ludorvai, listened to folk songs. He was very interested to find out how the folk life of the Udmurts of different areas is arranged. Of particular interest was the black bath and the fact that a ray was used to illuminate it. He even dreamed of writing a book about how humanity went from a ray to electricity.”

Georgy Mikhailovich was incredibly sociable and sincerely rejoiced that he had visited this place. He really liked to communicate with children and talked a lot about his flights to space. He talked about how he saw a lot of unidentified people, talked about “black” and “white” holes. Many children for the first time in their lives interviewed at the festival, wrote notes, reports. He treated each of us like a native person and a child. The man he was open and called me affectionately Svetochka. It’s wonderful that fate gave me such a gift. And at the festival they met with small arms designer Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov. And it was also an unforgettable meeting. Both great men understood that they were meeting for the last time. “

Georgy Mikhailovich Grechko was born on May 25, 1931 in Leningrad. In 1955, having graduated with honors from the Leningrad Order of the Red Banner of the Military Mechanical Institute, he received the specialty of mechanical engineer. On May 27, 1968, he was enlisted in the astronaut corps of TsKBEM and was preparing for flights under the Soviet lunar program. The first space flight of Georgy Grechko took place in January-February 1975, then he was a flight engineer. His second flight was in December 1977, during which he managed to go into outer space once to check the serviceability of the docking unit. George made his third flight in September 1985 as a flight engineer to check the serviceability of the Salyut-7 station. Twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of Gold Star medals. He was awarded three Orders of Lenin and medals “For Valiant Labor.” Georgy Grechko was both deputy chairman of the Soviet Committee for the Protection of Peace, chairman of the International Federation of Peace and Harmony, and president of the North-Western Interregional Public Organization of the Cosmonautics Federation, and was the host of the program “This Fantastic World” on television.

He was gone on April 8, 2017. In St. Petersburg, on the Alley of Heroes of Moscow Victory Park, a bronze bust to the astronaut is installed. Grechko’s name is the minor planet that he discovered during his first spaceflight. And the most important thing is that we will all remember him for his kindness and responsiveness.

Kate Tokareva

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