Penza schoolchildren will fight for the title of the best mathematician of Eurasia

Of the 1,017 participants, the competent jury selected only 40 – those who showed the best results.

Three schoolchildren from Penza will continue to fight for the title of the best mathematician of Eurasia. These are Miroslav Jurchuk, Vsevolod Kolyarov and Alexander Kharlamov. They will take part in the final of the competition which will take place in January 2020 in the city of Gusev of the Kaliningrad region.

In total 24 eleventh graders, 8 tenth graders and 8 nine graders will take part in the ending. 36 schoolchildren will come from Russian cities, three more from Uzbekistan and one from Ukraine. Tatarstan became the leader in the number of finalists by tradition. Also among the strongest regions this year were Moscow and Ulyanovsk regions.

A dozen winners will be determined in January 2020 in the innovation cluster Technopolis GS. Pupils of the 9th-10th grades will receive electronic equipment and the opportunity to enter the Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239 in St. Petersburg without examinations. Eleventh graders – registered scholarships, which will be paid during the year on condition of entering the university for technical specialties (“Information technologies,” Applied mathematics and physics, “Electronics and microelectronics,” Radio engineering, “Telecommunications,” Nanomaterials “and others).

  • Competition in the second round was huge. A lot of guys did a great job. Therefore getting to the ending – already great luck and evidence of extraordinary mathematical abilities. I am convinced that these very young mathematicians will very soon declare themselves in the scientific world and will take notable places in the leading technological companies, – commented the chairman of the jury of the mathematical contest Sergey Abramov.

The international competition “I decide!” for high school students from non-polar cities is held with the support of the RSPU named after A. I. Hercen, SPbPU, Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239, MIEP (St. Petersburg), Institute of Software Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other universities, educational and cultural institutions. This year more than five thousand applicants from all subjects of the Russian Federation and countries of near and far abroad took part in the competition. Since 2013, more than 28,000 high school students have participated in “I Decide!.” 22 winners of the contest entered the leading universities of the country and received named scholarships.

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